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In addition to individual freelance composing, James is also co-founder of Undercurrent Music Productions, alongside award-winning* composer Jessie van den Boorn. Undercurrent Music Productions is a music composing production company established in 2020, and specialising in writing original soundtracks for Film, TV, and Media productions. 

Both Jessie and James are multi-instrumentalists, covering vocals, guitar, keys, bass and drums, and have a combined wealth of technical knowledge regarding composing to picture, mixing and mastering, all at a professional level. Having met at the University of Bristol in 2016, studying for an MA in Composition of Music for Film and Television, they both received distinctions the following year, during which the idea of setting up a joint musical enterprise to run alongside their individual freelance music work began to form.

*Best Music and Sound | 'Sprinter' | Limburgse Filmdagen 2019

Undercurrent Music Spotify Playlist Cover

A compilation playlist of music tracks composed by Undercurrent Music Productions and released by/licensed through ALIBI Music.


FULL ALBUM | 10 Tracks

Exploration Underscores is an atmospheric collection of ethereal investigative cues, perfect for documentaries, true crime thrillers, thought pieces and more. Featuring lush ambient instrumentation such as dreamy clean guitars, introspective pads and drones and otherworldly female vocals, each of these tracks conveys a sense of mystery and reflection. Tender, poignant and curious, this album is the perfect soundtrack to your next project.

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