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Album Mixing | (Production music albums for Undercurrent Music Productions - Sound Editor/Mixer) [2021]

Exploration | (Production music album for Undercurrent Music Productions - Co-composer) [2021]

Gentle & Uplifting | (Production music album for Undercurrent Music Productions - Co-composer) [2021]

The Ocean's Journey | (Theme Music/Advert & Promo Music  - Co-composed with Jack Culpin); Commissioned by Tradewind Voyages Ltd. [2020]

White Witch | (Theatre Production - Musical Arrangement/Backing Track Production/Additional Music) [2019/2020]

Saigon Goes To France | (Musical Arrangement - Co arranger with Jack Culpin); Arranged for West Suffolk Youth Orchestra [2019]

Sacred Famous | (Psychological/Horror Film - Full Soundtrack); Dir: Grant Peter Williams; [2019]

Channel 5 - Live: The Big Freeze | (Production Music Track; Synctracks Production Music); [2018]

Channel 5 - Winter Road Rescue | (Production Music Track; Synctracks Production Music); [2018]

Handel's Messiah: Reimagined | (Electroacoustic track show opener); Commissioned by Collective31; [2018]

Bingo Heist | (Short Film [Student] - Sound Mixer/Editor/Designer/Composer); Film Edited by Fran Mayer; [2018]

Into the Gothic | (Short Film - Title Music); Directed & Produced by Alice Crystal; [2018]

Come And Get It | (Short Film Excerpt [Student] - Soundtrack); Edited by Sarah Bristow; [2018]

A Man Walked Into A Bar | (Short Film - Title Music); Directed by Qi Zhu; [2018]

Loki | (Short Film - Soundtrack); Directed by Santiago González; [2018]

Skydancer | (Short Film - Soundtrack); Directed by Yuchen Wu; [2018]

Rancheros del Jaguar | (Wildlife Documentary -  Soundtrack); Directed/produced by Sara Matasick; [2017]

You're A Wizard Harry | (Game - Title Music & In-Game Tracks); Created by University of Bristol Computer Science Game Development Team; [2017]

Promotional Video for University of Manchester Humanities Department | (Promo Video - Soundtrack); Produced by Creative Concern; [2016]

Ace Piloton | (iOS Game - In-game Tracks); Produced by Alex Kerridge; [2016]

Space Probe 189 | (iOS Game - In-game Tracks); Produced by Alex Kerridge; [2015]

Promotional Video for University of Manchester Careers Service | (Two interview-style documentary videos); Directed by Geoff Deehan; [2015]

Kann Awards | (Animated promo video); Produced by Giovanni; [2015]

RED |  (A2 Drama production - Soundtrack & Performer); Directed by Ratcliffe College A2 Drama Students; [2012]



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"I had the pleasure of tutoring James Waymont at Bristol University for his final year of a Masters Degree in Music For Film and Television. His work throughout was outstanding, his command of MIDI and live instrumental orchestration, his ability to know what works to picture, the variety of his musical imagination, all produced a top quality portfolio which deservedly earned him a distinction in this module. I have no hesitation in recommending him for television, film and commercial projects."

Richard Blackford, Award-Winning Composer

"Tradewind Voyages were were looking to commission a fresh, imaginative and original piece of music to be played over the upper decks of Golden Horizon, the worlds largest traditional sailing ship, each time she departed port. With only a simple brief and a phone-call Jack and James were very quick to understand exactly what we were after. Whilst little direction was needed from us, our feedback was always positively received and we are delighted with the final result. Jack and James showed great flexibility and adaptability and we look forward to working with them on other related projects. We are very proud of ‘the Ocean’s Journey’, the piece they produced for us."

Stuart McQuaker, CEO of Tradewind Voyages

"James was a dream to work with as a drummer for our production of Godspell. Commitment, punctuality, and enthusiasm were present in abundance, making it a really enjoyable experience working with him. His musicianship and sense of style were also very good and so he needed very little direction. His sense of pulse in particular gave the players around him confidence and allowed us to play in a very relaxed manner. I would highly recommend James for any project of this kind!"

Matthew Quinn, Freelance Conductor/Tenor (Musical Director for 'Godspell')

"James is a pleasure to work with. Not only does he have a great knowledge of his own craft, but his understanding into sound and film more generally means the whole soundtrack is a collaborative effort. He was also happy to make adjustments, and delivered everything by the deadlines. Overall, in serval projects his music has lifted the film to new heights, and I look forward to having him on board for future projects."

Ella Walker, Sound Engineer

"I had the pleasure of working with James on two of my short productions for my masters project. Not only did he do a fantastic job on the sound design he was able to undertake the projects at very short notice and worked to a very tight deadline. James quickly understood the concept of the project with little direction from myself and was able to produce a sound mix that complimented each film superbly."

Fran Mayer, Freelance Film Editor

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